Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Pardee inspiration!

Inspired by an amazing artist by the name of Alex Pardee.  His work is crazy good!
His combination of colors and linework makes for extremely intriguing pieces of artwork, and I hope someday I can
reach his level of expertise!   


  1. Its like this chick is sitting on the ceiling and the liquid is falling down....simply amazing, Jenna my dear 8D

  2. It's almost creepy except for the amazingly vibrant colors! So cool, Jenna. Your line work is always top-notch.

  3. Christina: oooh thats a nice way to look at it!

    Kaylin: gracious senorita, i enjoy your line work as well :)

  4. i dont know what it is about me but i love drawing bodies that are extremely emaciated and sickly looking. I want to do this drawing again and really push the fact that she has absolutely no color at all in her ski, just this deathly ill looking skeleton creature :P